The Benefits of a Montessori Pre-K Education

The Primary Years of Development

The first plane of development for a child is from birth to six years of age.  During this stage, the child’s main goal is to develop as an individual being.  As an infant the child uses their senses to explore the world around them in order to achieve the goal of becoming an individual being.  There are a number of “Sensitive Periods” in which a child appears to work on one area of development at a time at the exclusion of all other areas (walking then talking).  This work helps children to form themselves, this state of being an individual.  

How does the Montessori Environment benefit your child?

In a Montessori environment, the student is observed, and after observation is aided by the adult so that the path of natural, not forced development is followed.  Education in the primary years (ages 3-6) should not singularly focus on acquiring knowledge and information, but on the development of the human person.  

Provide your child the hands-on learning tools and materials at the right time

The Primary Montessori environment is equipped with many materials that bring the greater world to the young child.  

Montessori teachings focus on practical life, sensorial, mathematics, and language.  These areas help create a bridge to the world and allow the child to be ego-centered in order to form themselves as individuals.  Concentration and independence are key factors in Primary development.  

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