Friday, January 1

What is Catechesis of the Good Shepherd?

Inspired by Montessori’s principles of education, Catechesis of the Good Shepard and fully prepares children for all that life offers.

Tuesday, December 22

Montessori Terms Every Parent Should Know

The Montessori approach is an amazing attitude towards learning and collaboration.

Tuesday, October 13

Montessori Parents: You are the Bridge

As a Montessori parent, you are the bridge between the school and the home, and every activity can become an engaging learning experience for your child.

Monday, August 31

Welcome Back Students!

We are thrilled to welcome returning and new students, both in-person and virtually. Welcome to St. Pius Montessori!

Sunday, July 26

Task Force Update: Comprehensive Reopening Guidance

The July 24 Archdiocese of Baltimore Task Force Update

Thursday, July 16

Task Force Update on School Opening

The July 16 Archdiocese of Baltimore Task Force Update

Monday, July 6

Considering a Montessori education for your child?

Considering a Montessori education for your child? Here's how to create a Montessori environment at home...

Tuesday, May 19

The Benefits of a Montessori Pre-K Education

The Primary Years

Monday, May 4

Discover the Primary Montessori Environment

There are four specific areas within the Primary Montessori environment that encourage children’s exploration of the outside world; Practical life, Sensorial, Mathematics, and Language.

Monday, April 20

7 Reasons to Choose a Montessori School

The proven approach of a Montessori education provides your child with the opportunity to proceed at their own pace and focuses on all aspects of their development such as intellectually, socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.