A Day in the Life of an Adolescent Community Student

Reasons to Choose Montessori for Middle School

Meet Alexis - a 1st year Adolescent Community student (7th grade).  Alexis is a student here at St. Pius X Montessori School.

“Welcome Back - We are so happy to see you!”

Upon arrival, in the Adolescent Community room, Alexis drops off her things in her spot in the coat room, takes the materials she needs for the day, and places them on the table where her team belongs. She then goes to the rug for the morning circle, otherwise known as the community meeting, with her weekly planner, five-subject notebook and pencil. 

Freedom within Limits

After the schoolwide announcements and prayer, the meeting begins with a warm greeting and a breaker such as an emotional check, a customary remark or an open-ended response to a prompt. If Alexis’ group is leading the meeting, each member has a role.  The roles of the team include: leading the morning breaker, frolics or exercise, words of wisdom (quote of the day), overview of the day’s work and lessons, and class reminders or celebrations.

The Adolescent Community guide prepares Alexis and her team to lead the morning circle as scheduled. Each student in the community has a daily schedule that may vary from every other student’s work plan. Alexis makes her own schedule for lessons as made available by her teacher, and prepares her own materials for the three-hour work period. She has a 10-minute snack time in the classroom and 30-minute unstructured work time in the student lounge where she can discuss her work and express her thoughts and feelings with others in a less supervised but controlled learning environment.   


At some point during her day, Alexis travels to the Level III Atrium where she works with the material for The Complete Mass: The Missal which provides the student with a deeper understanding of the parts of the mass including Liturgy of the Word, Preparation of the Bread and Wine, the Eucharistic Prayer, and Communion, therefore allowing them a richer experience during Mass.

Outdoor Recess and Lunch

As the time for recess and lunch nears, Alexis begins to gather her materials, cleans up her working space and goes back to her table where she meets her teammates again. They line up for recess, and then lunch follows. During lunchtime, they listen to a podcast, or a story prepared by the teacher... or they are simply in silence, enjoying the calm and peace of the environment.  

The Afternoon Work Period

Just like the morning, the afternoon work period is a busy time in the Adolescent Community.  Alexis continues to work independently either by herself, with a partner or in a small group. Large group events also take place in the form of seminars, intersessions or field trips. Depending on the day of the week, she also attends classes in her specials such as music, Spanish, art, gym or physical education. Outdoor activities are a big thing for Alexis! She is always looking forward to doing some work in the garden, or in the greenhouse. Likewise, she anticipates leading the younger students in her club or spending some time cooking or doing pantry work in the kitchen.   

Before the day ends, Alexis heads back to the circle again with the rest of the students. They give acknowledgements to each other, and discuss the activities for the next day.

“Thanks for a great day!  See you tomorrow!”

It’s 3 o’clock and time to get ready to go home. After all the engaging activities of the day, students in the Adolescent group begin to clean up the space with the help of their peers.  Students can be seen dusting and straightening materials on shelves, watering plants, evaluating their work in the weekly planner and sweeping the floor.  

Every day in the Montessori classrooms, students engage in activities that teach them the skills and build the foundation to be lifelong learners. Mathematics, Language Arts, The Sciences (Biological and Physical), Social Studies (History, Geography and Culture) and Cosmic Education (Independence, Practical Life, Social Interaction, and Respect) are among the many disciplines and skills that are covered each day.