Monday, March 29

St. Pius X Montessori School Closure

Attention St. Pius X Montessori Community: The School will close at the end of the 2020-21 school year. Please read the announcement. Thank you for your continuous support and thoughtful messages.

Friday, March 19

What is the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd?

Learn more about the parables and how the time-tested teachings cultivate positive relationships, compassion, and spirituality.

Sunday, March 14

The Four Areas in a Primary Montessori Classroom

Choosing a Montessori school? Discover the four main Montessori learning environments parents should understand.

Friday, March 5

A Day in the Life of an Adolescent Community Student

Take a closer look at the Middle School Montessori program. See a day in the life of an adolescent Montessori student and the advantages your child will have attending a Montessori School.

Friday, February 26

A Day in the Life of an Elementary Montessori Student

The foundation of lifelong learning starts in the very early years. Learn More.

Friday, February 19

What are the Montessori Four Planes of Development?

Learn how a Montessori school can enhance your child's development.

Friday, February 12

A Day in the Life of a Primary Montessori Student

Looking to learn more about a typical day in a Montessori classroom? Explore one student's experience.

Friday, February 5

Am I too late to choose Montessori for my child?

While most Montessori enthusiasts agree that the best time to start a child in a Montessori program is by the age of three, it really is never too late to begin.

Thursday, January 28

How the Montessori Philosophy Benefits Your Child

The philosophy behind the Montessori approach helps children to become independent thinkers and to lead happy lives filled with purpose and satisfaction.

Friday, January 15

The Main Difference between Montessori and Traditional Schools

Montessori classrooms are bright and exciting learning environments, with a variety of engaging, hands-on materials.