Before & After School Programs

St. Pius X School offers a before and after school extended care program. This is an additional opportunity to fulfill our commitment to serve our children in a safe and academically challenging environment.

Pre-Selected Days for After Care
(Days must be the same each week)

Before and After Care
5 days $360.00 per month
Before Care (7:00 – 7:45 a.m.) 5 days $120.00 per month
After Care (3:00 – 6:00 p.m.)
5 days $280.00 per month

After Care Days 3 pre-selected days $204.00 per month
After Care Days 2 pre-selected days $136.00 per month

Daily Drop-in Rates
(Based on availability)

Before Care Drop-In $10 per day
After Care Drop-In $20 per day

All families requesting these services must register before August 1.

Registration Fees

For a REGULAR, meaning you commit to a specific number of days a week, every week the fee is $35.

For an IRREGULAR/SPECIAL schedule, meaning your schedule changes weekly due to work schedules, there is an additional $50 charge, making the registration fee $85.

For the children’s safety, and to be in compliance with Maryland state regulations, appropriate staffing must be maintained at all times. Therefore, Drop-In Care will be based on availability. You must call the school office in advance to secure the space at $15 per day.