Academic Enrichment

A Full, Diverse Menu of School Activities

We are proud of the quality and diversity of our extra-curricular activities. These programs help us to develop happy and well-rounded students. Due to COVID-19, most extra-curricular activities are postponed this year until further notice. 

ATHLETICS: St. Pius X Athletic Association offers a variety of sports programs for both boys and girls in soccer, basketball, and cheerleading. The Physical Education Department offers cross country, track, and the tennis club.

ALTAR SERVERS: This is a volunteer program available to catholic students who have made their 1st Communion, in grades 3-8. Children are trained by the parish Deacon.

CHORUS: Students in Grades 4 to 8 audition for the chorus. This group performs several times a year for both the school and outside groups.

DRAMA: Students in middle grades are invited to audition for the annual spring musical. Two performances are given. Techniques of staging and production are taught through this activity.

HOMEWORK CLUB: Open to students in Grades 3 to 8, this club meets several days from 3 – 4 p.m. A teacher serves moderator providing for students a quiet place to complete homework and is available to assist students with their assignments.

INSTRUMENTAL BAND: Paid instrumental lessons are offered to students in grades four to eight. These students also participate in the school band. Select members of the Band perform each year at a Band Program Festival, competing with other schools.

LITURGIES AND PRAYER EXPERIENCES: Students participate throughout the year in the Celebration of the Eucharist and a variety of prayer experiences. Parents are always welcomed and are invited to attend.

NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY: St. Pius X School was awarded a Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society in 2009. Students of the Middle School are invited to apply for membership each fall.

SAFETY PATROL: Students volunteer to assist in making school a safe place for students.

SERVICE PROJECTS: All students participate in service projects for our school and community throughout the year.

STUDENT COUNCIL: The Student Council offers students the opportunity to see themselves grow in leadership and responsibility. They are elected representatives of our student body.