A Unique Education

St. Pius X is currently the only Catholic Montessori school in Maryland, offering a unique and cohesive program that fulfills every child’s potential. The combination of a challenging Montessori program with the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd religious program provides a powerful academic and spiritual environment that transforms children into responsible, self-motivated and critical-thinking young adults.

Children develop self-confidence and a healthy moral compass through these distinctive programs at St. Pius X School. Both the Montessori program for academics and the Montessori-inspired Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program for Catholic religious education allow children to learn at their own pace, and to discover their own interests, strengths and talents while they grow in knowledge and inner spirit.

St. Pius prepares children better for the challenges of high school and college. And the school builds a stronger foundation of knowledge and skills needed to sustain a lifetime of accomplishments and satisfaction.

Visit any of our classrooms and you will quickly see that the students at St. Pius X School are excited about learning. That’s because they are encouraged to actively participate in their own education and allowed to learn in ways that best suit their interests and their needs. Even the youngest children demonstrate passion for their work and pride in their accomplishments.

Our students perform well in standardized testing and gain acceptance into local Catholic and private high schools — many earning academic scholarships and achievement awards.