Faculty & Staff

St. Pius X has assembled a talented and committed faculty and staff. With an average of more than 10 years experience at our school, they are a time tested team that knows how to reach the potential that resides within each child. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Jennifer Ripley
Principal jripley@stpius10school.org
Nicole Johnson
Montessori Assistant Principal
Lisa Williams
Middle School Assistant Principal lwilliams@stpius10school.org


Banerjee, Kathleen Primary Montessori kbanergee@stpius10school.org
Barresi, Erin Middle School Math ebarresi@stpius10school.org
Cardamone, Alicia Montessori, Lower Elementary acardamone@stpius10school.org
Carland, Catherine Teaching Assistant - Pre-K; Religion ccarland@stpius10school.org
Samantha Hartman
Primary Montessori shartman@stpius10school.org
Comber, Pat Librarian pcomber@stpius10school.org
Fennessy, Meghan Language Arts, grades
5, 6, 7, 8 Religion,grade 6
Franks, Kathleen Catechist, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd kfranks@stpius10school.org
Johnson, Nicole Primary Montessori njohnson@stpius10school.org
Katz, Robyn Spanish rkatz@stpius10school.org
Maranto, John Social Studies jmaranto@stpius10school.org
Mays, Kathy Montessori Assistant kmays@stpius10school.org
Pratti, Subba Montessori, Lower Elementary spratti@stpius10school.org
Rice, Tanya Secretary trice@stpius10school.org
Susie, Anne Resource Teacher
Williams, Lisa Middle School Science lwilliams@stpius10school.org


Laura Brookman School Counselor
Keimah Stephenson
Bookkeeper kstephenson@stpius10school.org
Tanya Rice
Secretary trice@stpius10school.org
Lissa Ruppert Student Services lruppert@stpius10school.org
Mia White Advancement Director mwhite@stpius10school.org